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Motorola V70 Mobile Phone
Motorola V70 Mobile Phone
Detailed Motorola V70 Mobile Phone Description
a) Key features: 
1) GPRS - for faster internet connections () 
2) Voice - activated dialing 
3) Microbrowser () 
4) 3 pre - loaded games 
5) For use on GSM 1900 MHz networks 
b) Specifications: 
1) 2.93 - weight of phone with slim battery 
2) 3.7 x 1.5 x .72 - size of phone with slim battery 
c) Highlighted features: 
1) External display for caller ID () 
2) Voice activated dialing - speak a store name, or phone number and
your phone calls it up for you - up to 20 voice tags 
3) 500 number phone book 
4) Built - In Microbrowser - access Directions, and Airline 
information, Stock quotes, all wireless () 
5) Built - in personal information manager () - phone book, calendar, and 
reminders to help with your daily appointments 
6) 32 preset and 32 customizable alert tones 
7) VibraCall alert - to discreetly notify you of incoming calls 
8) GPRS - (General Packet Radio ) - provides faster wireless data
access that is "always on", typically more cost effective and allows for
multi tasking between voice calls and data calls () 
9) New motorola user interface - makes navigating through the menu and
features simple
10) The customizable main menu allows you to reorder the menu items or
frequently used features the way you want 
11) iTAP software for simplified text entry - anticipates the word you are trying
to spell when entering text in email, short messages or other edit modes
12) Games - Blackjack, Mindblaster, Paddleball - preloaded 
13) Two - way SMS messaging - allows you to send, receive and store short 
alphanumeric text messages with another compatible wireless device or
email address () 
14) FM stereo radio - accessible when used with optional FM stereo radio
headset accessory
15) Multi - point Synchronization - using optional starfish, true sync software
you can perform multipoint synchronization with compatible PIM manager
devices, desktop applications and web based services (l) 
16) Data capable without PC card - direct PC connection via RS232 or USB with
optional data cable and modem accessories
d) Talk time features: 
1) Provides up to 135 - 215 minutes of talk time when used with slim
battery (u)
2) Provides up to 70 - 145 hours of standby time when used with slim
battery (u)
e) Display: 
1) 96 x 64 pixel, LCD with blue EL backlight 
2) Up to 3 lines of text, 1 line of icons and 1 line of prompts 
f) Calling features: 
1) Auto redial notification 
2) Call forwarding - unconditional, mobile subscriber busy, subscriber not
3) () 
4) Call waiting 
5) Call hold 
6) Alternate line () 
7) Turbo dial keys 
8) Quick access menu 
9) Ringer / vibrate suppress 
10) Multiple call timers 
11) Multiple key answer 
g) Memory: 
1) Last numbers dialed 
2) Last calls received or missed 
3) Indicators/ alert features: 
9) Battery meter (always shown in ) 
) Missed call indicator 
) Roaming 
) Text message waiting () 
22) Voice message waiting () 
) Signal strength meter (always shown in ) 
h) Security features: 
1) Call restrictions 
2) Keypad lock 
3) Phone lock 
4) Application lock 
5) New passwords 
i) Includes: 
1) Motorola V70 phone 
2) Slim Li Ion battery and battery door 
3) Charger 
4) Headset with send / end key 
j) Free service:
1) Add almost all the languages all over the world to your phones. 
2) Offer right - tailored charger specification

We sell second - hand mobile phones.

We are committed to doing our best for you, and welcome inquiries for Motorola V70 Mobile Phone.

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Address: Tongfuyu Industrial Zone, Baoan District, Guanlan Town, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province. China
Company Name: March Technology Development Ltd.
Contact Person: Elaine
Fax: 86-755-83046462
Telephone: 86-755-83046463
Zip: 518031

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