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Telephone Exchange ()
Telephone Exchange ()
Detailed Telephone Exchange () Description
a) Insert card structure, 2 external lines a card, 4 extensions a card
b) Inline storage battery, using over 8 hours, standby over 24 hours
c) High quality switch power supply (80 - )
d) Intercom and external lines call transfer, call pickup and outgoing call
e) Outgoing message () recording with direct inward system access
() (auto - )
f) Monitor and recorder
g) Automatic reporting of extension number
h) VIP special number service
i) Call forwarding
j) Auto IP dialing
k) Flexible external line group
l) Flexible outgoing call restriction
m) Flash time choice
n) Multiple dial - out mode

Inner packing:
Box dimensions: 432 x 128 x 357mm

Technical parameters:
a) Extension: 4,, 12, 8, 16, 32
b) External line: 2, 4, 6
c) Peripheral interface: extension / external line connection faucet interface
for PC networking , audio frequency outputing / inputing recorder, add - on 
d) Communication line: 7
e) Power supply: AC 88V - 260V
f) Power: ≤30W
g) Spare storage battery pressure: 48V
h) Charge current: ≤100mA

Outer packing:
4pcs / ctn
Carton dimensions: 540 x 445 x 370mm
Weight: 21 - 24kg

We are committed to doing our best for you, and welcome inquiries for Telephone Exchange ().

Contact information: Inquire
Address: 14 Nansan Road, Nanhai District, Guicheng, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. China
Company Name: Guangdong Cirrus Sci-tech Development Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Melissa Wu
Fax: 86-757-86390883
Telephone: 86-757-86391100
Zip: 528200

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