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Network Video Server
Network Video Server
Detailed Network Video Server Description
a) Can set the parameters on the remote side
b) Video compression adopts MPED - 4/H.264 format, audio compression adopts 
 G.729A format
c) Control PTZ via RS485 interface
d) Adopts standard RS232 serial interface
e) 10MHz / 100MHz network supported
f) Software update via network or serial interface supported
g) 6 channels alarm interface can be set to input or output optionally
h) Infrared remote - control mode supported
i) Can do recording, pre - view and video shield
j) Inputting or outputting video and audio in the scene supported
k) Can listen / talk on the remote side
l) Can return to defaulted value
m) Video motion detection and watermark function is activated
n) Mini exterior can be embedded into the camera or dome to produce network 
 cameras or network dome

Main functions:
Operation mode:
a) Remotely control through internet
b) Infrared remote control (optional )
c) IE browse and set supported
d) RS 232 / RS485 control

a) One channel real - time video input (optional function: can expend to 4 
 channels not real - )
b) One channel double track audio input (optional function: can expand to 2 
 channels single track )
c) One channel video output (optional )
d) One channel audio output (optional )
e) CCIR656 digital video interface that can connect with CCD sensor (optional 
f) RS232 interface with TTL level, needn't to be switched (optional )
g) 6 channels alarm interface can be set to input or output optionally

a) Software update via network or RS232 serial interface supported
b) Returning to the defaulted parameter supported
c) Many security functions are supported such as system locked, password 
 verification, users' authority, MAC code verification
d) Can support 16 users to connect to the server synchronously at most
e) Displaying 1 / 4/9 / 16 / 36 images on the client supported, recording 128 
 channels at one time also are supported
f) Fixed or dynamic IP supported, and user can set it at random
g) Acts as client and server synchronously, supports alarm remote 

HTDVS devices:
Completed devices:
a) 1pc DVS host (with the )
b) 2pcs of fittings for connecting devices with the audio, video and power
c) Fittings for expanding video and I / O (additional for )
d) A infrared remote - control (additional for )
e) A manual (readme. )
f) A power supply in 5V / 3A (additional for )
g) A CD of software
h) A piece of paper on device list

Software (includes the content in CD and which had been written in the DVS ):
a) Remote set in IE mode ( in DVS )
b) Single remote in IE mode (in DVS )
c) Single remote software (in )
d) The software for setting parameter and doing remote search (in ) 
e) Multi - channel remote software (in )
f) Filter for audio and video (in )
g) Latest version of DIRECTX (in )


Network camera manufacture, environment surveillance, plantation surveillance, 
academy surveillance, quay surveillance, network teaching, roadway 
surveillance, and family surveillance.

We have been a leading manufacturer and exporter of Network Video Server

Contact information: Inquire
Address: 10 / F, Xincheng Building (No.a), Quanzhou City, Wenling South Road, Fujian Province. China
Company Name: HengTong Computer Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Cana Chang, Miss. Colleen Chan
Fax: 86-595-22207070
Telephone: 86-595-22208808
Zip: 362000

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