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DVR Ver1.1 Security Surveillance System
DVR Ver1.1 Security Surveillance System
Detailed DVR Ver1.1 Security Surveillance System Description
a) MPEG1, MPEG4, H264 decoding and encoding
b) System consists of functional modules based on customer's 
requirements, generates different systems (add / delete functions 
and special )
c) Supports up to 36 channel realtime monitoring and recording 
d) Utilizes disk space pre - scheduling technology to avoid the 
disk fragmentation problems 
e) Disk space recovery: timely, automatic, multi - level overlay
f) Graphic user interface for playback
g) Use video / audio stream or file to playback. 
h) Stream playback of recorded content while simultaneously doing 
realtime recording
i) Replay with one channel or multiple channels
j) Playback zoom in / zoom out function
k) Arrange display sequence for monitoring windows on different 
l) Supports matrix - player
m) Provided with pre - scheduled navigation and auto - navigation 
n) PTZ controls for camera
o) Voice chat, voice broadcasting, and text messenger 
p) With electronic map to locate monitoring site 
q) Remote television monitoring wall
r) Supports up to 256 clients end DVR (Net )
OEM DVR (Net ) system using buyer's logo

We can supply the best quality DVR Ver1.1 Security Surveillance System to you. Our price is competitive and we take responsibility to any quality uncertainty.

Contact information: Inquire
Address: 876 Jiangsu Road, Shanghai City. China
Company Name: Shanghai Chengfeng Digital High-Tech Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Tao Liang
Fax: 86-21-62076676
Telephone: 86-21-62526140
Zip: 200052

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