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Conventional Pumping Units
Conventional Pumping Units
Detailed Conventional Pumping Units Description
1Models available: 
1) Conventional pumping units
2) Double - horsehead Pumping unit
3) API Pumping unit
4) pumping units with phased crank balance
For example, 640 - 256 - 192 ,456 - 305 - 120,320 - 256 - 100,228 - 213 - 100,160 - 173 - 74,114 - 109 - 74, YCYJ6 - 3-18HB, YCYJ10 - 5-37
HB , C912 - 365 - 240 , etc.
2 Features:
1) Pumping units conform with API Sped.11E. 
2) rational construction, smooth running, low noise and easy operation. 
3) Walking beam is a box or welded H steel beam with high strength, good rigidity
and heavy capacity. 
4) Gear reducer uses herringbone involute or double circular - arc gears with heavy
duty and long life. 
5) Self - aligning bearing is used on equalizer and crank pin to reduce mounting error
and operating vibration. 
6) Horse head with swinging device move side, hanging, auto - positioning or upwards,
is flexible and convenient for well workover. 
7) Rack and pinion set is adopted on the crank assembly for easy and accurate adjustment
of counterweight. 
8) Internal expansion or external contracting brake with safety device is easy, quick
and effective for operating.
9) Tie down, clamping plates or anchor bolts for fixing the base are available upon
10) General V belt or joint narrow V belt is available. 
11) Prime mover can be selected with general motor, frequency adjustable motor, power - saving
motor, and diesel or natural gas engine.

Our Conventional Pumping Units comply with International Quality Standards and their quality and durability are fully guranteed.

Contact information: Inquire
Address: No.120 Yongshen Road, Dongying City, Shandong Province. China
Company Name: HengDa Import & Export Trading Co., Ltd. Of ShengLi Oil Field
Contact Person: Mr. Shi Lei
Fax: 86-546-8740227, 8744543
Mobile Phone: 86-13515460137
Telephone: 86-546-8740259
Zip: 257071

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