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Switching Power Supply
Switching Power Supply
Detailed Switching Power Supply Description
a) Input specifications:
1) Input voltage: 110 - 230V AC 5%(90V AC - 264V )
2) Input frequency: 50 / 60Hz 10%(45Hz - )
3) Fuse: A frse is included in the AC line circuit. 
Line ripple: measured with an oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 100 MHZ
Switching ripple: measured with an oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 100MHZ

3) Turn on delay time:1S max, at normal line full load
4) Hold on time:20mS min, at 220Vac line max load
5) Over Current Protection: The power supply protects itself from any 
over current conditon
6) Thermal protection: the power supply protects itself down if it 
overheats. The fuse rating 
is as to prevent hazard in the event of an intemal failure of 
the power supply.
4) Inrush current: <20A / ms.
5) Earth leakage current: the earth leakage current does not exceed
0.25mA at 264V AC 66Hz input and the Min load condition.
6) Efficiency: 75%min, at 220V AC input full load test

Output1\2: 30mV at peak - peak line ripple; 200mV at peak - peak switching 
Output3\4\5: 60mV at peak - peak line ripple; 200mV at peak - peak switching 

b) Output specifications: 
1) Output voltage:
Output1 +3.30v / 100 - 2000mA / +3.14V - 3.46V(voltage ) / 5%tolerance
Output2 +5.00 / 0-1000mA / +4.75 - 5.25(voltage ) / 5%tolerance
Output3 +12.0 / 20 - 500mA / +11.4 - 12.6(voltage ) / 5%tolerance
Output4 +24.0 / 20 - 100mA / +21.6 - 26.4(voltage ) / 7%tolerance
Output5 +30.0 / 0-100mA / +27.0 - 33.0(voltage ) / 5%tolerance

2) Output ripple:
Measurement of ripple includes a 0.1uF ceramic capacitor and a 47uF
electrolytic capacitor at the output of measuring oscilloscope. It resets itself with no operator inventon
7) Shorted Output: all output with stand an indefinite short to Gnd,
under any load condition on the other output
8) HI - pot Test: Dielectric Withstand Voltage ACinputL. N to all output 
connectors 3000V AC for 1 minute TEST
9) Burn - In: all power supplies will go through 4 hours of burn - in at 
40 temperature chamber under the nominal input and 80% of the 
maximum load condition, before delivery to AMP
10) PCB dimensions and weight: 165 x 70 x 45(L x W x ), 0.20kg max

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Address: No. 13B, Jiangnan High - tech Electronical Information Industrial Park, Quanzhou, Licheng District, Fujian Province. China
Company Name: Quanzhou Haitong Electronic Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Fu, Miss Wen
Fax: 86-595-22352298
Telephone: 86-595-22353258,22353268
Zip: 362000

Switching Power Supply ( HTSW45~60W ) Rectifier Module PRS6300 System Power Supply 40W Single / Multiple Output Switching Power Supply DC / DC Converter SMDC0704 Switching Power Supply
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