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Dynamic Chlorine Polyethylene Colored Macromolecule Waterproof Sheets ()
Dynamic Chlorine Polyethylene Colored Macromolecule Waterproof Sheets ()
Detailed Dynamic Chlorine Polyethylene Colored Macromolecule Waterproof Sheets () Description
Main Technical Capacity Index (Performance Chinese Standard 
GB12953 - )

Chlorine polyethylene waterproof sheets has chlorine polyethylene 
colophony as the main material, made by the procedures of blending, mixed with a proper amount of filling 
compound, sieving, calendering, plasticizing, inspection, part rolling and packing. 

Product Characteristics

Dynamic Chlorine Polyethylene Waterproof Sheet has the advantage of 
aging resistance, high draw intensity, erosion resistance and its 
service life is 15 years. Chlorine 
polyethylene colophony is a material with the plasticity and 
flexibility; it is known as the new rubber; it has the advantage 
of aging resistance and high intensity of the colophony and the fine 
ductility of the rubber. The product is colorful; it has the 
functions of being decorative and waterproof, and it has the function 
of thermal resistance. 

Construction Standard 

The product can be used as the roofing waterproof of all kinds of 
buildings, and as an underground construction waterproof. The product is light, so it can lessen the 
burden on the roof. The sheet 
is an adhesion - inviting material, so the adhesive effect is good; 
these advantages of the sheet guarantee the cold adhesion in the 
whole construction. 

Foundation Processing: the waterproof foundation needs to be level, 
solid, clean and dry (the rate of water content is 9%), without dust 
and grease contamination. The assorted products include Dynamic adhesives 
and diluents. The corner of the foundation should be of 
arc shape, and the radius of the arc should be more than 20mm. 

The joining of the sheets and the foundation: evenly rubberize the 
adhesive in the foundation and the sheet overlap, when they are dry 
(), we can start to join them. When the overlapping adhesive is dry (viscous, the 
overlap needs more ), flatten it, we should firmly conglutinate the 
overlap, carefully press and knock and it with a rubber 
hammer. Overlap conglutination (the 
width according to the relevant ): before the coating the 
adhesive, the overlap should be cleaned with a cotton cloth dipped 
into the diluents.

According to the specific conditions, strip coated paving, we can use the techniques of 
fully coated paving, points coated paving and 
uncoated paving. The 
roofs drainage grade, the breaking opening and the air - bleed hole are 
processed according to the designed standard. Adhesive use level (the use level of sheet overlap 
1) Fully coated paving 0.33kg / m2 
2) Points coated paving 0.22kg / m2
3) Strip coated paving 0.20kg / m2
4) Uncoated paving 0.10kg / m2 
5) Use level of sheet overlap 0.10kg / m2

The node parts are added to the additional layer by the design; the 
additional layer should be processed with the sheets or the 
polyurethane (add the padding - base cloth if ). The sheets' surface can conglutinate the protective 
coating, so it has the function of thermal insulation and longevity 
of service. If we need a 
protective layer, according to its situation, generally we need an 
insulation layer.

If you would like more information about Dynamic Chlorine Polyethylene Colored Macromolecule Waterproof Sheets (), please contact us or visit our website for more details.

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Address: 66 Xisi Road, Shandong Province, Dongying City, China
Company Name: Dynamic New Type Waterproof Building Materials Corporation Ltd.
Contact Person: Jiang Yong
Fax: 86-546-8703957
Mobile Phone: 86-13963380771
Telephone: 86-546-8703957
Zip: 257073

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